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Synthetic Auditor - Licensed Version 5.0


Program uses synthetic speech and directs an auditing process. Includes a edit dialog box for editing the programs remarks. New version 5.0 has both synthetic speech and voice recognition. Requires headset with microphoine. Derived from L. Ron Hubbard's popular de-hypnotizing method described in the book Dianetics.


Easy grid data navigation and editing
Text to speech and voice recognition
Hands free operation


Windows Vista or later operating system with 1.8 ghz processor and 2 GB ram. Video card that supports a minimum display resolution of 720p (1280 by 720) and a headset with microphone.

Click Here to Download the Free Trial Version.  Expires   3/27/2019.  Run SAP_TRIAL.exe to self-extract the application files, and then, setup.exe to install the software.


Synthetic Auditor - $15.00 

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